Transition and Re-entry

Returning to the Netherlands is a substantial event. Many things may have changed during your absence. You might not fully understand your own culture anymore. This training includes information, assignments and discussions around the following questions:

How do I process my mixed emotions during a return to the Netherlands? How do other people experience the process of returning? Wat are the (normal) stages that people returning to the Netherlands go through? How do I process my experiences? What do I want to leave behind and what do I want to take with me? How do I resume my life in the Netherlands?

Abroad with the Family

Moving to a foreign country is a substantial event for children as well. It will influence the rest of their lives. How do we properly prepare ourselves and our children for living abroad? What does an upbringing in a different country and culture bring about? What are the long-term consequences and the consequences when returning to the Netherlands? How can we make the whole endeavor into a positive experience? This training includes information, interactive elements and practical tips.

Abroad Alone

Being abroad for missionary work alone, without partner and children, has pros and cons. What are the challenges? How do take good care of yourself? How does the culture you will visit view being unmarried? How do you behave towards the other sex? What does a cross-cultural marriage entail? These are some of the questions we will discuss in this training.

Cross-cultural Communication and Coping with Conflict

Good communication and coping with conflicts are essential for collaborating effectively and for achieving goals. What is good communication? How do you cope with conflict? People in various cultures hold various values which prompt their actions. Which important values drive your actions? Which consequences do your own values and those of others have for the way in which you communicate and cope with conflict?

Keep Burning or Burning Out?

Living and working in a different culture is by any means stressful. What is stress? What is cultural stress and what is a culture shock? How do you cope with stress in order to prevent becoming overworked or burned out? How can you develop a relaxed attitude and still accomplish a lot?

Employees of a sending organization in the Netherlands may feel overwhelmed as well. That is why it is also important for them to delve into the subject ‘stress management’.